GISS's fleet combines hundreds of years of experience and over a million miles on the road every year. And that's a million miles with an impeccable safety and security record for both our rigs and our drivers. The result? Satisfied clients.

Safety Inspections
Due to the nature of our business, our drivers and trucks are subject to rigorous inspections by the U.S. Department of Transportation as well as local authorities. Our safety inspection record is something we're extremely proud of and always working to maintain.

According to the Department of Transportation, GISS's inspection record is well below the national average of citations given for vehicle, driver or hazmat infractions. See for yourself!

Security Plan Security Awareness is a top priority. As the national security threat level changes, so does our entire operation. For each threat level stage, GISS has a detailed plan. Our drivers are informed the minute the threat level changes so they can act accordingly. However, just to be on the safe side, we always maintain a minimum threat level of yellow or above.

Driver training The safety of our trucks and loads starts with our drivers. That's why we provide on-going extensive driver training. Before any drivers are even considered, a full background check is conducted, followed by security and federal terrorist training orientation. All drivers undergo hours of study and in office training, hands-on ride-alongs for at least six weeks, and conclude with an intensive training program from our fleet manager. No driver will hit the highway until he can perform all of his duties according to our rigorous standards.

Fleet maintenance Our entire fleet of trucks is maintained by certified technicians whose primary responsibility keeps our rigs running smoothly to keep our drivers, customers and all commuters on the road safe.


FAST Free And Secure Trade. All of our border drivers are FAST certified. This allows for quick and controlled border crossings to and from Canada.

CT PAT Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism GISS‚ maintains an automated account with the Department of Homeland Security, providing control over the loads crossing the border. Before any of our trucks even reach the border, all specifics of the driver and load are called ahead to authorities. At the time of the crossing, all details must match. It‚s an extra security measure to protect everyone.

Highway Watch Our drivers participate in the National Highway Watch Program. If they see something suspicious happening on any of our highways, they call a designated number which immediately notifies the proper authorities of a possibly dangerous situation.